We cover the range of services you need to help in the development of new ideas and the processes necessary to take them through to a successful launch.

Strategy Development

We will work with you to develop new ideas which fit well with your culture, business and operational strengths yet offer a transition into emerging, low carbon related markets or more sustainable operations. Assessing the market and engaging with potential customers is important at an early stage This enables the product to respond to customer needs and validates existing and potential market sizes.

Project Management

This might involve adaptation of your existing project management procedures to incorporate those necessary for carbon accounting. It may mean providing extra manpower to assist in the management of a new project which is outside your current business operations. With our extensive experience in managing a range of innovative projects for different types of customers, we can respond to a range of needs.

Intellectual Property Management

Assessing the best way of protecting new ideas and products is important. In the low carbon sector this can mean know-how protection, trade-mark protection and patenting. Developing the right strategy at reasonable cost also depends on the landscape of the sector. We can survey competitor intellectual property protection activity and provide a technical analysis to point the way towards gaps in coverage. Preparing a patent filing, in collaboration with a patent attorney, is also one of our services.

Business Development

You may need specialist help to access new customers, develop a sales strategy or find partners to help access funding opportunities. We also have extensive experience of writing proposals for different types of funding and developing successful responses to invitations to tender for contracts issued by governments and industry.

Marketing and Events

We can assist in all stages of the process to bring a new product or service to market. This includes assimilating the results of a market survey, development of a marketing plan, building a customer and contacts database and creation of marketing and publicity material including webpages, e-newsletters, flyers and press releases . Meeting customers face-to- face by participating at sector or standalone events is also an area where we have considerable experience. We all have a scientific background so we are able to input into the creation of original material.

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